Branded Jewellery and Watches

Branded or luxury jewellery and watchesI wanted to carefully cover the importance of getting a proper appraisal of any branded or luxury jewellery or watches that you might be thinking of selling as scrap gold or as scrap for any other precious metal that it might contain.

The reason for this is quite simple.

While luxury brands of watch or jewellery will often contain gold, silver, platinum, or other metals which may have a significant value, it may also contain diamonds or other precious stones that you will not receive anything for if you sell it to a scrap metal dealer.

Much more important than this is the realisation that the overall value of the complete item may be in many multiples of the gold, etc values alone if it is made by a well known maker such as Cartier, Tiffany, Rolex, Patek Philippe, etc.

In fact there are so many names of luxury branded jewellery and watch that there will be a long list of them that you have never even heard of, but be assured that if you are fortunate to have one then it could be worth £10’s of thousands of pounds, while the gold alone might be worth only £1000 or less.

To highlight this point let me tell you about when I worked for a Swiss company and I had to regularly fly into Geneva airport, Switzerland of course being the home of luxury watches, and of luxury jewellery.

As you disembarked your aircraft and walked to the terminal you had to walk along several very long corridors, typical of any airport, and on the walls of these corridors were advertisement after advertisement for all manner of watches, jewellery, and other high quality adornments.

I would have to say that I probably did not recognise the names of perhaps more than 60% of these brands – but they were clearly of the highest quality and therefore of the highest price, so it is well worth using the fantastic tool that is the internet to research anything that you have to sell.

This is something that you have to consider carefully, because there could be an awful lot of money at stake especially if what you have is an heirloom and is a rare or early piece from one of the top makers.

The best way is to find a dealer that specialises in either the specific brand of watch or jewellery that you have, or one that specialises in used luxury watches, or used luxury jewellery, and to see what they will offer you.

These people know the value of the item in question, and also have lists of customers who want those specific things, so they can turn them around quickly, meaning that they can give you a great price, far more than you would get anywhere else.

I will add sections on both luxury jewellery and luxury watches in the coming weeks.

Luxury Watches

I have now started to add the section on luxury watches, so far it covers: Breitling, Cartier, Omega, Patek Philippe, Rolex, and TAG Heuer.