Breitling Watches

Buying and selling Breitling luxury watchesBreitling is a popular name in the watch manufacturing industry. Established in 1884 in Switzerland, the company has earned a name in the production of aviation watches, and then from aviation watches the company diversified into the production of other types of watch.

Breitling’s watches are among the most demanded and popular around the world, especially for those looking for a timelessly stylish timepiece with a large dial and great visibility.

The things that make Breitlings watches stand out are their quality, functionality, and precision of their products.

In the history of watch making, Breitling is one manufacturer that has always used one hundred percent Swiss materials, and for this reason various official horological bodies in Switzerland have certified their products to reflect their uncompromising quality.

All of the watches produced by the company have also passed COSC test, this is the only watch manufacturer that passes such a test in Switzerland, the home of watches.

Moreover, no watch manufacturing company has played a greater or more significant role than Breitling in further developing wristwatches and special watches, and this development has lead to watches that are 10 times more accurate than comparable timepieces.

Any amount you spend on a Breitling watch is justified since it is one of the highest quality and most accurate timepieces money can buy, plus of course it a name that is respected across the world, and is as stylish as it is precise.

Breitling watches are also renowned for their durability. They are water resistant which means you can wear them practically anywhere, they are also very sturdily made and are not damaged easily.

You can also think of the purchase of a watch like a Breitling as an investment that will last forever, and may appreciate in value over time depending on the model you buy, while giving you a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction at the same time.

Breitling has set the standard for all Swiss watches, it has become the standard for the measurement of success.

Their brands are the best choice for different categories of professionals, whether they work in the air, at sea, and on the land. Breitling produce special brands for fighter pilots and divers.

The watches are available in various precious materials like diamond, gold, titanium, steel, and others.

There are other lower cost designs in other materials like leather, stainless steel, and other non-precious materials with different varieties of designs, qualities, and shapes that all reflect elegance and versatility. Breitling are a brand name with a great difference.

Since the year 2000, the company has been providing a certified chronometer for every model they produced. All the products are oriented to any of the three production lines, which include aviation, diving, and luxury.

Perhaps the best luxury watch from the company is Breitling for the car manufacturer Bentley.

It is not only the most luxurious and fashionable product from the company, it is one of the most precious and sought after watches you can get. A popular aviation product from the company is the Navitimer. Aviation workers prefer this product than any other because of its precision and high quality.

The best diver product is Super Ocean. All these brands are strongly built; moreover, they are designed and built to withstand very tough conditions.

All Breitlings are styled in a way that their readability is enhanced. This is why you see most of their watches with large faces, bracelets, and polished cases.

Anybody could read the watch in almost any conditions, and most of them wind automatically which means that electronic parts and materials are not used in producing them.

Most of their models have different variations, some new models are improvements of the older models, and sometimes professionals who want precision watches for their jobs initiate the design and production of new models.

There is now a broad range of available models on the market, some of the most popular include:

Emergency 1 and Emergency 11, others are Levania 1873, ETA 2892, Caliber Breitling manual winder, calibre Breitling Automatic winding, Lemania 187, ETA2824, ETA 1185m, Valjoux and the Breitling Avenger.

The company has won international awards for excellence in watch making and sponsor different sporting activities all over the world, the watches are of course expensive but it is possible to save money if you shop around, and of course it can be great fun and more affordable to buy secondhand or used Breitlings – you get to pick an older, stylish watch at a fraction of the price.

Selling Your Breitling Watch

If you have a mens or ladies Breitling to sell then you will no doubt be able to find a buyer very quickly, since as one of the worlds leading makes they are highly sought after, particularly if you are lucky enough to have a rare or valuable model.

Even so you need to make sure that you get the best price you can for your watch.

As mentioned in my overview to buying and selling luxury watches, there are lots of places to sell a luxury watch, but many of them (auctions, local jewellers, pawn brokers, etc) charge hefty commissions that you need to take into account, and others will either not realise the exact value of your watch, or will not want to offer much for it since they do not exclusively sell high end watches or Breitlings in particular.

The way to get the highest possible price is to find a specialist watch shop that is already sells used Breitling watches, since they will have a reputation as the place to go, and will have a list of existing customers who will want to buy from them, so they know that they will be able to sell your watch without any problem.

Of course your Breitling may need servicing or repairing so these costs will need to be deducted but you are still likely to get the highest price and the easiest sale if you choose a dealer that stocks used Breitling’s already.