Cartier Watches

Buying or Selling Cartier WatchesCartier is a watch making company which has been known for high quality and luxury watches for generations.

The company, which started as a small family business in France in 1847, has turned out to be one of the global leaders in watch production.

The founder of the company was Louis Francois Cartier who formed the company as part of his jewellery-making outfit, which is reknowned for it’s fantastic and high quality jewellery in it’s own right, having sold luxury items to the Royal Family among other prestigious clientele.

Cartier watches with various designs, brands, sizes, colours, and functionality are available on the market today.

One may ask why Cartier watches are different from others, and what makes them a desirable choice over any other. There are several reasons that Cartier are one of the premium watches in the world today.

First is the quality of materials used in manufacturing their products. Their watch mechanisms are made from the best steel materials, while it is common to see the finest products made with cases in precious metals like white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold among other precious metals. Some are adorned in the best-graded diamonds or other gem stones, and this a key reason why Cartier watches are among the favourite watches of the rich and famous.

Secondly, the company has uniquely designed watches available for men and women. Anybody looking for the finest timepiece always has confidence that this is exactly what you will get from Cartier. Moreover, they give absolute attention to detail while producing their watches and jewellery to ensure that the end product is of the best possible quality that it is possible to get.

A Cartier watch is just about the best timepiece you could ever give to a friend or a relative as a special gift, it can be classed as an investment in it’s own right, the watch is a worthwhile investment because it will serve the user for decades and could actually appreciate in value over time, it is an incredible heirloom to have within a family that can be handed down and enjoyed by generations to come.

The watches have captured the attention of prominent personalities in society right from its inception in the 19th Century.

Because of the innovative watches the company has been producing for more over a century, their products are linked to royalties, celebrities, and people of reputable standing in society. These days’ movie stars and members of the royal family see Cartier watches as a statement of their standing in society, it really is a true statement piece and status symbol that is instantly recongisable.

The company also produced the smallest wristwatch ever manufactured, which was given as a gift to Princess Elizabeth in 1938.

While Cartier watches are a French brand they compete favourably with the high quality precision products from Switzerland, Italy and other countries known for producing best quality watches.

It was because of the preference of Cartier by royals that King Edward once described it as jeweller for kings, and this impression of quality and style remains today with Royal families from various countries like Monaco, Albania, Egypt, Romania, Belgium, Serbia, Greece, Siam, Russia, Portugal, Spain and others having issued Royal warrants for Cartier watches.

That is quite a testimonial!

Cartier is also a visionary company, it is ahead of others in making stylistic watches. It also created the first wristwatch, added a new dimension in watch designing as the rectangular dial started from them.

This makes their watches different not only because of the quality and style, but also because they produce with an innovative technology. If you are looking for excellent, fashionable, and durable watch, Cartier is definitely your best choice.

The company has remained faithful to its founders by producing highly rated watches.

All of their products are embodiments of expertise, skill, and precision. Some designs were made for special purposes, for example one such brand is the “Santos”, named after a Brazilian pilot who demanded a special watch that he would always wear while flying.

Another special demand is “Tank”. The materials applied in making them are of exceptional qualities.

With Cartier watches it is difficult to differentiate between the classical watches and modern ones because they are to all intents and purposes, unique.

Some of the popular products on the market today include Tonneau, Tortue, Tank, Baignoire, Caliber, Ballon Bleu, and several others. These watches have a similar identity and that is high quality and excellent production assuring precision time keeping and elegance.

These days there are Ronde and the Pasha series, which are the most fashionable watches for men and women. You would identify them by their beauty and craftsmanship.

Cartier watches are undeniably special. To many, the products are more than just a watch, they are a piece of jewellery, a statement piece, a status symbol, and maybe even an investment.

Any time you purchase a cartier watch you are buying something sophisticated and durable. It is a timeless watch which could (and almosr certainly will) last for more than a lifetime.

Because most of their watches are produced from precious metals they are likely to retain their value far into the future. When you combine this with the fact that all of their watches are meticulously designed and they function perfectly, then you can see that a Cartier timepiece is something to treasure.

You should of course always buy the original from a reputable dealer, but it is possible to save money by shopping around.

Because of the timeless nature of Cartier designs you could also consider buying a used Cartier watch which you may be able to pick up from a specialist dealer for a fraction of the price of a brand new one.

Selling Your Cartier Watch

If you want to sell your Cartier watch then you have a number of options available to you, whichever you choose you will find it is remarkably easy to find a buyer, but you need to choose carefully since each has it’s advantages and drawbacks.

As mentioned in my overview to buying and selling luxury watches, online auctions, auction houses, pawn brokers, local jewellers, etc are obvious places to sell your Cartier to, but each will reduce the amount you could get with either charges, commissions, or just low-ball offers because they are not Cartier experts or retailers.

The way to get the best price is to find a watch shop that sells used Cartier watches, since they are actively looking for Cartier watches to sell, and will simply be adding to their existing stock.

While They are likely to need to spend quite a lot servicing and repairing any scratches or problems that your Cartier may have suffered, and these costs will need to be taken into account, you will almost without question get the best price that you will be able to achieve from a specialist dealer, and will probably be able to sell your Cartier the same day if you can take it in person.