Olympic Gold Medal Sells for £17,500

1908 Olympic Gold Medal sells for £17500If you’ve read our page about the need to be careful when selling antique gold items or items with history or from a well known maker, then this story should really bring the message home.

The gold medal won in 1908 at the London Olympics by rower Raymond Etherington-Smith sold at auction for a staggering £17,500 in September 2012, the same year as the 2012 London Olympic games.

The 15 carat medal weighing just 25 grams would clearly have brought a fraction of the price if it had been sold as scrap gold (it would have been worth around £400), and this just serves to show the difference that the history or maker of an item can have on its value.

Now of course not many people have Olympic medals lying around to sell, but if a piece of jewellery is made by Faberge, or Aspreys or many other makers, then it could have a surprising value that is far in excess of it’s gold value.

So, please take note of the advice on dealing with antique gold and make sure that you get an expert opinion before you pop it into the envelope and send it for melting down!

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