Omega Watches

Advice on buying and selling an Omega watchThe Omega watch manufacturing company was established by a young man of 23 years named Louis Brandt in the year 1848 in Switzerland.

He groomed the company until it attained the enviable position of one of the best known watch makers in the world before he died, and the company has continued to dominate the wristwatch industry ever since as can be seen from the laudable achievements it has recorded over the years since.

The philosophy behind the success of Omega is their firm belief in excellence, and their relentless pursuit of excellence and perfection.

The name Omega actually means perfection and achievement in the Greek language from where the name was derived, and it was this desire to be the best in the world that drove the founders onto success. For decades their watches have been among the most desirable and luxurious exports from the Swiss watch industry, their various models have an unending appeal from generation to generation.

The production of precision watches did not end with the founders of the company, excellence, perfection, and achievement has been the sole aim of the company ever since it’s inception, and today if you want a timepiece to be proud of then take a look at some of the Omega models, the different styles, colours, sizes, and shapes are offered to both men and women, and every modern design tries to offer something different from the older models, often with new and/or improved functions.

No matter the occasion or event you will find an Omega wristwatch that is suitable, there are of course as with all major leading watch manufacturers a range of special models, many with multipurpose uses, indeed Omega made history as the first wristwatch to be used on the moon – now there is an accolade to be proud of!

Some of the historic Omega products include Omega Constellation wristwatches, Seamaster waterproof watches, as well as the Speedmaster chronograph and many others.

Two things make Omega products unique. This includes the precision and fine craftsmanship, the elegance, quality, durability, and efficiency are also very appealing and are the things you would always expect when you buy any make or model of Omega watch.

You can differentiate Omega from other products in the market with their quality, unique design, precision, and specifications.

The watches are of course expensive as they are a luxury brand, but the prices do vary depending on the model, size, shape, colour, and specifications, and so it is usually possible to find a model that you like at a price that you can afford.

There is also always the option to look at second hand, used Omega watches which can be far more affordable than a brand new watch, but because of the quality of manufacture and the stylish designs even an older watch will still look great, and will give you many years of trouble free use, so it is well worth considering.

You also need to check whether the specifications of the watch you like will meet the requirements you have for it, the various special models are designed for specific uses and environments, for example one of the expensive products from the company, the Seamaster, which is designed for use at sea (think of the corrosive effects of sea water and sea spray on a “normal” watch) and by divers.

There are various different models of Omega Seamaster, but the specifications and features are almost the same.

These could be identified in the market by their exceptional features such as their black dial, chronograph, and water resisting ability, bracelet, gold case, titanium, rotatable bezel, luminous markers, automatic movement, and stainless steel case.

So even within one particular model there are numerous possible configurations.

Since its inception in 1848, Omega has won the heart of many wristwatch users all over the world. The reason for this is simple. They have insisted on satisfying their customers by manufacturing the most valuable wristwatches for men and women. For more than one hundred years of productions, the company has remained on top of the industry such that today Omega is a household name around the world.

The company has manufactured different models of watches over the years, some which are iconic and still popular today.

The most recent products from the company include Seamaster GMT, Seamaster, Constellation, Diver Chronometer, Chrono Diver, Aqua Terra Chronometer, Racing Chronometer, Aqua Terra Railmaster, Apnea, Moon Phase, Legend, Broad Arrow, and many others. The list of wristwatches produced by the company for more than one century of its existence is inexhaustible, although you can see and learn more on the company website here.

Omega has special designs for men and women with some of the best designs for men including the Constellation, the different models of Omega Seamaster that include the James Bond Styles, Bullhead, Aqua Terra, Ploprof and the famous Planet Ocean. Other special models for men are Dynamic, Deville, and specialties like Central Tourbillion Deville, Skeleton Seamaster, and the Geneve.

Women are not left out in Omega fashion watches. Specially designed for women are some models of the Constellation, Seamaster, Speedmaster, Deville, and Specialties.

Omega has the perfect model in it’s range for everyone, and for any occasion or purpose.

Selling Your Omega Watch

If you have an Omega watch to sell then you will find that there is a ready queue of people who will want to buy it from you, such is the name and value of these watches, but of course you want to make sure that you get the best possible price for your watch.

As mentioned in my overview to buying and selling luxury watches, there are many different ways to sell, but many of them (online auctions, auction houses, local jewellers, etc) will have heavy and perhaps excessive charges associated with them that will eat into your sale price, or will simply not achieve the kind of money that your Omega watch is worth.

The best way really is to find a specialised dealer that is known for selling used Omega watches, since they will have a list of customers who they know are likely to be interested immediately, and so they will not have to leave their money sat in stock for very long.

All jewellers and dealers need to make a profit, and they are likely to need to spend quite a lot servicing and repairing any imperfections that your Omega may have, so these costs will need to be taken into account, but even so they are likely to offer you the best price that you will be able to achieve, and will probably buy your Omega on the spot.