Tag Heuer Watches

Buying and selling a TAG Heuer WatchThe watch is perhaps the only timeless piece of jewellery a man or woman can wear, with Switzerland and Italy boasting the best known and the most hunted watches because of the finest materials they use in making their chronographs.

The quality and class associated with Tag Heuer watches has its roots from the year 1882 when Edouard Heuer was able to patent the first chronograph under his name. This marked his foray into the art and science of time that has since seen over a century pass and the company growing to become one of the biggest manufacturers of luxury watches in the world.

Edouard Heuer’s company later joined hands with another company, TAG, to form TAG Heuer in 1985. TAG originally manufactured precision engineering and high tech technology such as ceramic turbochargers for Formula One cars, so the union was a symbiotic one with the precision engineering of both firms being compatible with each other.

Heuer also joined forces with three other watchmakers to announce the first automatic chronograph in the world, a feat announced in Geneva in early 1969.

While the name TAG Heuer is commonly connected with sports, the company also boasts a wide range of prestigious and stylish watch lines for the wider populace.

With such levels of accuracy in time measurement, it is no surprise that Tag watches are the favourite of many global elites, graced by presidents, to royalty, sportsmen and the who is who of today.

In fact, Christiano Ronaldo, the two time FIFA world player of the year has been named the watch line’s global ambassador, joining a list of stars and celebrities who have played this role before.

The passion, dedication, research, innovation and experience put into this brand of watch best demonstrates the excellence and perfection of the company’s products, with the company today boasting a wider selection of unisex watch models than any other watch maker, including Formula 1, Grand Carrera, Exclusive 2000, Special Edition Watches, Monaco Series, Aquaracer and many other models.
Take the TAG Heuer Men’s CV2A10.BA0796 Carrera as an example.

This is an automatic Chronograph watch completely powered by wind & solar energy. It harnesses the power of wind and light from any natural or artificial light source, converting it into energy in order to power the watch.

It is elegant, classy and sporty, perfect for motor racers because it blends high functionality and masculine styling along with an easily readable black dial with sapphire crystal window, brushed steel case and bracelet, and of course it is designed to be durable, shock resistant, shatterproof, and providing a crystal-clear view all through its useful life.

The TAG Heuer Men’s CV2A10.BA0796 Carrera Automatic Chronograph Watch is full of style, elegance and sophisticated design.

Another popular model is the Tag Heuer Formula 1. These watches boast some of the most stunning and appealing designs among all luxury timepieces.

Originally targeting formula one racing, the watches now grace both men’s and women’s fashion lines. The model CAH1110.BA0850 for example, is incredibly accurate because of the authentic Swiss movement, precision manufacturing, and high quality materials used in its manufacture.

It is scratch-resistant and titanium carbide coated with a unidirectional bezel and it is also water resistant up to 200 metres.

Brands like the Tag Heuer Mikrogirder 10000 and the Tag Heuer Mikrogirder 2000 are high end, costing over $100,000. This means that their design, features and functionalities match their cost.

The Mikrogirder 10000, for example, blends a more industrial design and light grey and silver outer ring, as opposed to the Anthracite dial of the Mikrogirder 2000. Its outer scale is split into 5 time zones and both have an accuracy level of 0.0005 per second.

Of course not all TAG Heuer watches are so expensive, there are many very affordable models available, and if you shop around you can find some great prices, especially from online retailers, who don’t have the overheads of high street based retailers.

Another option is to look at pre-owned used TAG Heuer watches which can often be bought for a fraction of the price of a brand new model.
TAG Heuer Watches make very popular purchases, both online and offline.

This is because of the fact that the company having been in existence since the 1800s and people are confident of just how good and highly coveted this luxury brand of watch truly is.

They also blend very wonderful craftsmanship and there is a wider unique selection range to choose from. Every dial and watch band is affixed with proper precision and made to last.

When choosing watches, there are a number of factors to consider including durability. It is always good to check out what others think of your target product before making a decision as to whether to buy it or not. The best way to go about selecting TAG watches is to go online and view some reviews as well as compare prices, style and design.

In this way you will be assured of getting a good deal.

When it comes to choosing a TAG Heuer timepiece, consider your lifestyle first. If you are a sportsman like say a swimmer, then Aquaracer is your perfect watch. This is because it is water resistant up to 300 metres and you can still wear it for formal events.

If you are a motor racing driver or fan of the sport, then the Formula 1 should be more appealing for you.

If you want something stylish and elegant, the Grand Carrera would be a great choice, but there are so many different models to choose from you will be able to find something that perfectly suits you and your lifestyle.

Other than budget, your personal style is another important consideration. If you love the casual look go for a watch that has a rubber or leather band, but if you want to look formal and more sophisticated, gold, titanium or silver bands will be a good choice.

TAG remains at the forefront of timepiece innovation and will certainly continue to do so for many years to come. If you love taste, class, style and are a technologically savvy person, then this is the watch for you, because it is the foundation of the TAG brand name as a watchmaker.

The company is one among the many chronograph watch makers that ensures it delivers to the market environmentally friendly timekeeping gadgets.

With Tag Heuer on your wrist, you will surely never feel the same again. It also makes a precious gift for a loved one, especially on special occasions like birthday, New Year, Christmas or Valentines.

Selling Your TAG Heuer Watch

TAG Heuer is one of the best known and most desirable brands of watches, so if you have one to sell you will have no problem finding a buyer.

As mentioned in my overview to buying and selling luxury watches, there are many different ways to sell, but many of them (online auctions, auction houses, local jewellers, etc) will have heavy and perhaps excessive charges associated with them that will eat into your sale price, or will simply not achieve the kind of money that your TAG Heuer is worth.

The best way really is to find a specialised dealer that is known for selling used TAG Heuer watches, since they will have a list of customers who they know are likely to be interested immediately, and so they will not have to leave their money sat in stock for very long.

Your used watch is likely to need servicing and repairing so these costs will need to be taken into account, but even so they are likely to offer you the best price that you will be able to achieve, and will probably buy your TAG Heuer on the spot.